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Mark Montano Shares
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Craft Projects

Mark loves "GOOP"
Mark makes Chanel bracelets


Our products are marketed under a variety of names. AMAZING GOOP® Adhesives ("GOOP" for short) - a retail line of adhesives which replaces glue, paste, rubber and contact cement and silicone. Included in the AMAZING GOOP® family is Shoe GOO® shoe repair adhesive and the AMAZING GOOP® Epoxies (a comprehensive offering of two part epoxies able to meet a wide variety of application needs). Eclectic Products also makes Seal-All® (a gas and oil-resistant adhesive/sealant), E6000® industrial and craft adhesives, QuickHOLD® adhesive, as well as FAMOWOOD® Wood Filler and Coating products, Wood-Tex® synthetic wood filler, and Amazing GOOP® and FAMOWOOD® Nail Hole Filler tube-based spackling.

In late 2012 we introduced SHOE DAZZLE™ Shoe Art Glue. Use this glue to personalize your footwear and decorate with a permanent bond. In 2010, Boots & Gloves branded under Shoe GOO® adhesive hit the stores. This product helps protect & seal foot and handwear. During 2007, Eclectic Products redesigned the Craft adhesives for a more modern appearance with bright attention getting colors. These re-branded adhesive arrived on retail shelves in late 2008.

Eclectic Products can be found in more than 35,000 stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Asia. The following is a partial list of our retail outlets and links for purchasing online:

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  Eclectic Products adhesives, epoxies and wood filler selections

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    E6000/AMAZING GOOP/EcoGlue Premium Wood and Extreme

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   Famowood Wood Filler Solvent Based

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    QuickHOLD Contact Adhesive & Sealant 2.0 fl oz Carded Tube
    AMAZING GOOP 1.0 fl oz Carded Tube
    AMAZING GOOP Craft Carded Tube
    AMAZING GOOP Household 3.7 fl oz Carded Tube
    E6000 Craft 3.7 fl oz tube & 2.0 fl oz Carded Tube

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   AMAZING GOOP Adhesvies and more

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