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Industrial Strength Adhesives

E6000® Self-Leveling Formula. An indispensable maintenance tool, E6000 allows the kind of permanent repair and maintenance of equipment that may have been too expensive or difficult in the past. E6000 provides adhesion strength and versatility not found in silicones and rubber cements. Its strength in adhering metals, glass, rubber and plastics makes it a universal vehicle maintenance and repair solution. Also, because it's self-leveling, E6000 may be used as potting material in electrical and computer applications.

E6000 formula can be found in 1.0 fl oz and 3.7 fl oz tubes, 2.0 and 3.7 fl oz carded packaging and 10.2 fl oz cartridge.


  • Flammability:   NONE, this product is non-flammable when cured.
  • Flexible:   Does not become brittle in cold weather; can bond items subject to vibration.
  • Chemical resistant:   Safe for applications exposed to dilute acids and dilute caustics.
  • Vibration:   Great for bonding substrates subject to high-wear.
  • Waterproof:   Can be submerged in fresh and salt water after complete cure.
  • Paintable:   Paint to match surrounding area or make UV-resistant.

Plant & Fleet Maintenance
› Repair rubber dock bumpers
› Seal plastic containers
› Repair stripped threads in wood
› Seal PVC, copper and galvanized pipes
› Adhere metal to metal
› Repair cement brick or cinder block cracks
› Seal and repair cracked or broken glass
› Coat and seal electrical connections and battery terminals against corrosion
› Seal windshields against moisture
› Mend rubber floor mats and weather-stripping
› And Much More!

Substrate Choices

Brick, Ceramic, Marble, Tile (porous) Canvas, Fabric, Leather, Vinyl (porous)


Glass, Fiberlass
Aluminum, Brass,
Iron, Steel (non-porous)
Acrylic, Polycarbonate,
PVC (non-porous)

Rubber (SBR)

Wood, Composite Board (porous)
NOTE: There are many more substrates E6000 series of adhesives can bond too, be sure to test before use.


Solids: 30% by weight
Density: 11.1 lbs./gal.
VOC: 1.198 grams/liter
Tack time: 5 minutes
Full cure time: thin film: 24 hours;
    thick film: 48-72 hours
Storage: store between 50 °F
    (10 °C) and 80 °F (27 °C)
Freeze/thaw stability: yes;
    allow product to reach room
    temperature before opening
Color: clear, white, gray, black
Viscosity: 50,000 cps (low),
    100,000 cps (medium),
    200,000 cps (high)
Shelf life: 2 years, unopened
Hardness: 80A
Tensile strength: 3,500 lb/in2
    (ASTM D-412)
Elongation: 900% (ASTM D-412)
Chemical resistance: excellent
    to water, dilute acids & bases
Temperature range: -40 °F
    (-40 °C) to 150 °F (66 °C)
Paint-over time: 24 hours
UV resistance: paint over or
    use UV-6800
Dielectric strength: 400 V/mil
    (ASTM D-149)

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