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Epoxy Pastes & Spray

Two-Part Epoxy Pastes — Ideal for Overhead and Vertical Applications
and much more!

Epoxy provides the strongest, most permanent adhesion to multiple substrates and dries very hard. Amazing GOOP Epoxies are often stronger than the material being repaired and are resistant to chemicals, fuel, motor oils, transmission, and hydraulic fluids, anti-freeze, alcohol, water, and grease. All two-part epoxy paste kits are available in 4-ounce Net Wt kits. Our two-part epoxy sealer (Coat-It) is available in 2 lb. and 8 lb. kits.


  • Versatile:   Epoxy forms to any shape desired and can be used to fill, patch, and anchor.
  • Practical:   Once cured, Amazing GOOP Epoxy can be sanded, ground, filled, tapped, sawed, drilled, and painted with most paints and will not rust or corrode.
  • Color-Ready:   Epoxies may be tinted with power colorants, oil based colorants, and food dye.
  • Resistant:   Thick epoxy paste provides excellent vertical, overhead repairs without running or sagging. Its thick formulation seals very effectively and offers high-impact resistance.
  • Strong:   Low shrinking and maintains strength after full cure.

Surface Choices

Stone Metal Wood Copper
PVC Glass Brick Bronze
ABS Aluminum Ceramics Porcelain
Fiberglass Concrete Iron Graphite
Steel Metal Castings Most Plastics And many more!
NOTE: Epoxy pastes bond to most surfaces except polypropylene, Teflon®, and polyethylene.

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