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Nail Hole Filler —

Fill, Texture, Paint and Finish!

AMAZING GOOP® and FAMOWOOD® Nail Hole Filler is a ready-to-use spackling that requires no mixing, no messy putty knives, and no scraping or sanding. It makes repairing nail holes and cracks simple with its all-in-one applicator system. This general-purpose spackling goes on with just a squeeze of the tube. The sponge tip evens out and finishes the surface, for a smooth texture with no scraping or sanding required. Nail Hole Filler is available in the following sizes: AMAZING GOOP 8.2 oz tube for large projects and FAMOWOOD 3.3 oz tube for smaller project.


  • Versatile:  The sponge tip applicator and texturizer evens out and finishes textured or smooth surfaces and is great on stucco, plaster, wallboard and wood.

  • Fast Drying Time:  Dries in minutes and is ready to paint in 12-15 minutes.

  • Easy Clean Up:  Warm water does the job, easily and quickly. Replace the sponge tip applicator and the clear cap when finished.

  • Long-lasting:  Amazing GOOP Nail Hole Filler will not dry out, like other brands, and will remain pliable when clear cap is replaced. Knead spackling within tube prior to use.

AMAZING GOOP and FAMOWOOD® Nail Hole Filler Uses

  • Works on wood, stucco, wallboard and paste
  • Fill holes in walls from picture frames
  • Patch cracks between walls and molding
  • Eliminate screw and nail holes in windowsills

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