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Amazing GOOP® Adhesives
Shoe GOO® Adhesives
E6000® Series Adhesives
Fiber Renforced Polymer
      (FRP) Adhesive
Seal-All® Adhesive
EcoGlue® Extreme Adhesive
Amazing Craft Glues
Amazing GOOP® Epoxies
FAMOWOOD® Wood Fillers & More
WOOD-TEX® Wood Filler
Nail Hole Filler


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Amazing GOOP Adhesives
•   Adhesives
     Formulated for strength and flexibility, these adhesives can be used for most any
     do-it-yourself project around the home — indoors and outdoors.

     All Purpose, Automotive, Household, Lawn & Garden, Marine, Plumbing, RV,
     Sports & Outdoor and Wood & Furniture.

Shoe GOO Adhesive
•   Adhesive
     Originally developed to prolong the toe area of tennis shoes, this adhesive has also
     been used for reattaching heels and many other repairs on all kinds of footwear.

E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesives
•   Adhesive Family
     Not only do these adhesives work for those tough adhesion projects, these adhesives
     have been adopted by crafters' who recommend it for all kinds of projects.

     E6000 (self-leveling), E6100 (non-sag), UV6800 (UV resistant)

Seal-All Adhesive
•   Adhesive
     Oil & Gas resistant

Amazing Craft Glues — Designer Series
•   Adhesives
     Adhesives designed specifically for craft projects.

     Amazing Craft, Amazing E-6000, Amazing QuickHOLD, Amazing EcoGlue, mini packs.

EcoGlue Green Solutions Adhesives
•   Earth Friendly POWER GLUE
     Strong green adhesives that are formulated with excellent adhesion to wood, steel
     & glass

Amazing GOOP Epoxies
•   2 Part Epoxy Paste & Aerosol Epoxy
     Strong & permanent adhesion to most substrates; spray epoxy with grit
     for slippery surfaces

FAMOWOOD & WOOD-TEX Wood Fillers and Coatings
•   Wood Fillers
     Original and Latex Formula Wood Fillers that are the #1 choice of furniture and
     cabinet manufacturers.
•   Coatings
     High Gloss epoxy coatings for table and bar tops and more; polyurethane coating for
     wood benches....
•   Synthetic Wood Filler
     WOOD-TEX Wood Fillers

•   Nail Hole Filler
     Fill, sand and paint within 15 minutes

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