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Epoxy Paste —
Ideal for Overhead and Vertical Applications

SuperMEND® an off-white, versatile all purpose, high density two-part epoxy paste which bonds to multiple substrates. It can be used to fill holes and cracks of any size or depth, as well as for common repairs. SuperMEND is available in Net Wt 4.0 oz (113.4 g) kit and net Wt 16.0 oz (453.6 g) kit.

  • Versatile:   Bonds to glass, ceramics, tile, and metals.
  • Resistant:   Resists water, chemicals, fuel, alcohol, grease. Withstands heat up to 150 °F / 66 °C.
  • Fast drying:   Sets in 15 minutes @ 70 °F / 21 °C and dries completely in 4 hours.
Use SuperMEND to:
  • Fix cracked toilets, tanks, gutters.
  • Fill holes and cracks of any size and depth.
  • Make a non-conductive bedding compound for electrical applications.
  • Treat dry rot areas.
  • Repair gutters, steps, sundecks, porches, concrete floors and walls, tanks, windowsills, garden pools, basins, and fuel tanks.
  • And much more!

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
SuperMend® MSDS (Resin & Hardener) — EN
SuperMend® MSDS (Resin & Hardener) — FR
SuperMend® MSDS (Resin & Hardener) — SP
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